A Very Travel-y Christmas: Part 1

It's already that time of the year, can you believe it?! My absolute favorite family tradition is filling up our Christmas tree with ornaments from all of our family vacations. Every year, we pull them out and reminisce about the lazy, kite-flying days in Gulf Shores, Alabama and the funny memories from the Wisconsin Dells and [...]


22 Reasons To Be Thankful This November 22

  1. My parents: They are beyond stellar, seriously. I have never doubted their love and support for me and I haven't been the easiest child throughout the years 😜 I could never fully express my gratitude for them. 2. My sisters: At almost 2 years old, I wasn't too happy that my parents were going to [...]

6 Ways Living in Spain Has Made a Better Human

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Society says that late-twenty-somethings should be “settling down” and/or climbing the American corporate ladder. When I got the idea to move across the world, I was rejecting all of those expectations for a life of 3-day weekends, easy access to cheap European travel, and immersion into the culture I idolized. [...]

Paella place and thermal bath hopping.

I'd consider myself fairly familiar with Spain, but before I visited Valencia I had no idea that it's the 3rd largest Spanish city! It's also extremely underrated. Home to beautiful beaches and the birthplace of paella, not bad, right? Wrong...that's just the beginning. It's got the typical old town, a fresh food market that all [...]